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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shamel's rules for presenting Ideas

Adventurer, Contributor, Finisher, Thinker, Trendsetter, Communicator.  Do any of these terms describe you?  How about; Perceptive, Creative, Persuasive, Entrepreneurial?  Learn what these terms mean and how they apply to you, they are the term-codes for presenting ideas.

In order to compete you must know the Game to play.  This is far different than knowing how to play,  anybody can learn how to play but they cost companies thousands or millions.  Not knowing the rules and how they apply could prove detrimental to a companies successes and their profits.  This is where the rubber meets the road.

Know the playing field, know the players and most importantly know the rules of the game.  Remember, don't hate the player, hate the GAME...

Know about the "R" 

There are many rules that can be applied when presenting ideas, below are just a few that have worked for me.  They may not work for you and that's Ok, but you must figure out what does work best for you.

I would like share with you 10 of my personal rules (For Presenting Ideas) that I call the "Rs," to help you generate thought and to engage you in the creative thinking process.


Rule #1: having a good product is the key, you can be the best at creating new, fun, and innovative ideas but if the product is wrong you just have a good idea.

Rule #2: The one who holds the money makes the rules!  They decide how the game is played.  What we need to do is tap into their system by convincing them that we are headed down the same mental path
 but our method will show them how to get there sooner and work more efficiently.

Rule #3: When it comes right down to it, there are no rules as it pertains to business.  It's as simple as apple(s) and oranges.

Rule #4: Rules are only as good as the person reading them.  To really learn the rules find the loop holes.

Rule #5: Network, network, network!  Keep you inner circle close nit with those who challenge your way of thinking.  These People are usually headed in the same direction as you. Build your network globally.

Rule #6: Plan your activity, pitch your idea and launch your project.

Rule #7: Use accurate marketing terminology, be sophisticated.

Rule #8: Be a problem solver; identify the problem, find a solution, implement then monitor problem and come up with innovative ways to problem solve.

Rule #9: Think of unconventional ways to accomplish various objectives, (what methods to use).

Rule #10: A little effort goes a long way so make the best of it.  Obtain the Education required and match it to your experience level.


Now that we are all on the same wave length, I hope that this information has been beneficial for you.  Just always remember the key here is ensuring that you do your home work in all phases of your life, work and play!

Continue to develop your personal leadership skills and increase your knowledge of teamwork and communication, and familiarize yourself with the current case studies available about marketing strategies and business presentations.

Become an emerging leader and the best-of-the-best competitor.
Now venture out and "Conquer The Competition."

Thank you

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  1. I'm all for the 3 L's. Look, Listen and Learn. Most something. Peace.