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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make Up Your Minds!

What's the problem?  Can't you all get it together?  I really don't understand why you Republicans and Democrats can't seem to govern as you were elected to do.  I am so tired of both parties not being able to make sounds decisions that are in the best interest of our great Nation.  They can't seem to agree on anything!  Ok what's up with the...
debt ceiling? Can it be or not be raised in compliance with the US Constitution?  Stop playing around with us, We The People?  Both parties talked about the issues on their platforms, and talked a real good game of promises and commitments.  They convinced us to believe they were making those promises and commitments to us.  But in all actuality, those promises and commitments seem to have been made to Lobbyist and Big Business/Corporate America!  Make up your minds!  Who are you advocating for?  We the People, Big Business, Lobbyist, or Big Oil?

We need our Politicians to work together and make sounds decision together.  For sure we need and want bipartisan team work.  We need the parities to make better decisions that address the issues head on and eliminate unnecessary grid lock so our problems can be addressed.  These methods can only help boost our Economy.  Let's try to focus more on our Nations real life needs, like creating jobs, building up the middle class and have less concerns about satisfying Corporate America staying rich.

Either work for us "We The People," and perform as we believed you should in Washington or we will vote you all out of office!  Make Up Your Mind!   Shamel

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