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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conquering the competition by Shamel

Most of you are probably wondering what does it really take to compete in today's fast paced world of business?  One way I believe it takes to become competitive is to always have several well thought out ideas ready at a moments notice, really!  However,  no one way is necessarily right, so I say concentrate on releasing your inner creative passion for creating ideas and be you!    Here's what you may want to know...

Some important things to Remember

The key is to keep your brand in the minds of your stake holders long after all other competitors have launched their marketing schemes.  How can this be accomplished you ask?  By setting yourself apart  from the rest through innovation, creativity and the continued development of quality ideas.

An idea is just an idea until you learn how to present them!  Develop a strategy, a plan or a systematic approach in which to attack your specific market and once you determine this, you'll be on your way to succeeding.

Ask yourself what are you good at doing?  Selling your ideas requires knowledge about your particular market.  Learning the inn's and outs about your market will help you modify your brand and make it become more appealing to compete and keep up with the demand.  This may cause you to draw back on a skill(s) you may have learned from past experiences, use them!  For example, if you use to be a Car Sales Person in your heyday, then you have foundation, a component(s) for personal selling, so why not use those harvested skill(s) to your advantage at every possible opportunity.  It gives you confidence to place unique twists and spins on your ideas and will take you beyond your wildest expectations.

The opportunity to compete means that you have something, "skill(s)" and talent.  Just be confident and you will have them eating right out of your hands.

Here are a few tips

Are you ready for a few "do and don't" tips?  There are so many but I think these will help you get started:

  • Be on time.  Be at your event 30 min to 1 hour early, with all the necessary materials.Be professional but kind and courteous.
  • Dress for success, I say men: wear a Suit, ladies: wear a business skirt outfit, it will make people want to talk to you and you seem more business ready.  Always remember to balance familiarity and personality with professionalism. 
  • Be Confident about your Brand.
  • Be prepared to answer questions that are outside the box, if you are already thinking this way the rest will follow.  
  • Know the competition and what they have to offer.  Beat them at their own game by being prepared and ready to deliver your product, no mater the volume.
  • Being at ease during your presentation will produce star like qualities in your demeanor, your ideas and give your presentation quality mileage.
  • Keep a pulse on the latest trends and upcoming developments.
  • Be a savvy trendsetter by having the most innovative ideas in advertising, digital marketing communications, merchandising and selling.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.  No time to stress, the aim is to close the deal by promoting your brand through terrific ideas.
  • Don't over think things.  "Keep it simple stupid!"
  • Don't put down the competition, uplift your brand through comparison.
  • Don't make people unhappy.
  • Don't be unprepared, do you homework.


As you may have determined, in order to conquer the competition one must be confident, self-driven and passionate about becoming a leader in the world of business.  Share your trendsetting idea and skills in your field with confidence while seizing the cheddar.

If you really want to get ahead rub shoulders with real entrepreneurs.  And as I see it, you have already began moving in the right direction by starting here with Shamel's Groove.

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