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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Ya'll Killing Nigga's?


There have been several shootings and killings of unarmed black men and women in America today by police and private citizens who all for the most part say their actions were justified under the law.  From state to state, there appears to be loopholes in these justifiable homicide laws that allow people to get away with murder, or misconduct under “stand your ground laws.” This matter needs immediate attention and action to change the verbiage, providing a clearer meaning of the law(s).  Today in black communities, across the nation frustration levels and tensions are increasingly on the up rise.  These communities and their leaders are angry and fed up with government officials and law enforcement agencies, because the number of young black men being killed by police officers and ordinary citizens are increasing from state to state.  City leaders and top police administrators have failed to mend broken relationships and the trust of their communities.  Are legislators who write “stand your ground laws” making a statement to say it’s alright to shoot and kill black people?  These types of open ended loopholes in the law(s) that inadvertently say it’s ok to shoot and kill black people under the disguise of “imminent danger” must be corrected.  The purpose of this research paper is to bring to light that better and clearer verbiage is needed to define the terms “stand your ground” and” imminent danger” or eliminate these types of laws altogether.  We must put an end to Americans killing Americans.
Keywords: loopholes, stand your ground, imminent danger, fear, legally occupied, retreating.

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