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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Dating Game Gone Wild!!

The dating game is gone bonkers and the intenet is the flagship leading the way. Has the dating game gone wild? What ever happened to meeting the girl or guy of your dreams in a Church, at the Library, in the Supermarket, out walking your pet, or while away at college or at the club? 

Although these traditional methods of dating still exists they are becoming increasingly more outdated, at least this is what the polls indicate...
Wether you are a traditional dater or generation X,Y,or Z dater, you cannot deny the numbers.  Cyberspace dating services have sprang up all over the net.  Remember approximately 9 years ago, it was risky business and considered geekish to hear that someone met a person on line and later met up with that person on a date.  Not only that, but you were thought of as desperate, a loner, or a loser!

Now days internet dating is considered a legitimate form a dating.  It is almost as popular is sliced bread!  Chat rooms have turned into chat bar rooms and personal ad's are all over the place: on the net, in magazines, informercials and news papers. It doesn't matter if your are 18 or 71 years old, these dating sites claim they can match you with the person of your dreams right from the comfort of your own home.  You can now pick and choose a date with just the click of your mouse.   And what about this thing called speed dating all about?  You can meet with a person(s) face to face and get to know them in about 5 min. or less. What is the rush?  WOW! times sure have changed.
Call it what you like but I know prostitution when I see it.  And I tell you, this way of meeting someone is a form of prostitution!  Pay attention to the game, if there is money involved (in the form of green-backs, advertisments to increase profits by selling alcoholic beverages, etc), you are being pimped out, now that's real talk.

One thing that has not changed about internet dating are the "dangers."  No matter how safe the dating sites claim to be or how correct the information given about someone may be, the dangers of meeting someone crazy or who may want to harm you still exists.  However, don't get me wrong I am not entirely nieve, I realize that the danger exists in all forms of dating (to include traditional dating) to be truthful about but I think the good ole fashioned traditional way dating has a good track record for safety.

Now I believe the traditional way of meeting someone still ranks superior above all.  Can't you just imagine the nervousness of a guy or girl meeting the family first before dating.  This way usually scares the sh.. out of  weirdo's and  those with ulterior motives, they usually move on to the next less protected prey. I believe you are more apt to meet a gentlemen or nice young lady this way too depending upon your standards, I mean if this is your cup of tea!

This screening process conducted by ones family has it's pros and cons too, but I think it is still by far the best way to go.  You will always get con games from players, but at least your family or someone other than you who truly loves you can identify who you are dating.  They can help you figure out exactly what there seeking, where they live, work and play.  For the most part, they can see peep out a players game right from the start.

Ok Dad's and Mom's can we at least agree that we will sit down and talk to our son's and daughter's about dating and the dangers and safety thereof, rather it be internet or traditonal dating?  Let's share with them how much we love them and want to help them by providing them with the best guidance/advice we can.  Support there good decisions (but remain the parent), and  redirect there bad decisions and lead by example.  Father's remember, the son does what he sees the father do!  If we want to make a difference in our son's and daughter's lives, let's start by teaching our Son's (young men) to be respectful gentlemen and our daughters how to become young ladies.  Let's teach them how to Love and recognize love and kindness.  If we can accomplish this together we will succeed, Ok, great!!

Young men and young ladies, there is absolutely no rush!  You see my point of view comes from my belief in God and prayer.  My Lord Jesus said, if you ask it in his name he will do it.  Ask God to direct your paths and send you that man or women of your dreams and be patient!  You may not think that God will send you the man or women of your dreams soon enough for you or by your standards, but God will send you the one that is right for you.
When we try to rush things and do our own will, we miss out on the answer to our prayers which in itself a blessing from God!  Let's insists on letting God's will prevail for us.

A prayer: (Thank you father for your goodness and kindness and allowing me to share these words to all who want to hear them, Amen).

So let the courtships begin and bring on the flowers and candy! Now go and allow God help you find the man or women of your dreams and be ye smart and SAFE about it!



  1. I have to agree with you about internet dating vs. traditional. A few years ago, I tried internet dating and found that I would have a much higher chance of encountering either a) a true weirdo b) a married man looking for a cheap thrill or c) someone just trolling for sex. I think the relative anonymity of online dating makes it easy for people with questionable motives to hide their true intentions.

  2. maybe so but there are sites out there where you can find people who are into the same thing as you are . lets say that you are a business professional many of these people have busy lives and maybe no time to date, yet they are able to find someone who is a professional as well online who will be able to understand their every want and need. now with the help of the internet you can find out more about a person than asking them about themselves say in a bar or club.