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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enough Already

No more Social Security Checks, are you kidding me?  How did we let this happen?  Were we all asleep?  OMG, just the thought of hearing this makes me sick to my stomach!  This country should be outraged, we should  be verifiably angered to the point that We The People, (This entire Nation) right now, should be marching to Capital Hill in protest demanding...
the government to Fix this mess.  This Tug-A-War, Holding Hostage, failure to reach across the aisle in bi-partisan support must stop IMMEDIATELY!

So I hear that one reasons why the debt ceiling cannot be raised or why the GOP does not want to come to some kind of an agreement is due partly in fact that the they want to make Obama a One-Term- President?  Hmm, now let me get this straight, so they toy with this idea at the expense of good hard working (tax paying) Americans.  Well we say, I say, stick-it in your ear, NO MORE, I tell you, NO MORE!!
Why is one side of the aisle or vice verse so reluctant to compromise with the other?  You know what I think, I think It's all because of campaign promises made to Corporate America.
I call it Political Black male, you decide!


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