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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ok America, how's that for egg in your face!  People like Nancy Grace, now you can SHUT UP!  A jury of Casey Anthony's peers have spoken!
Are we seeing signs of Judicial whiplash?  Did our Judicial system send a strong message to the media for over reporting?  TV news programs like the Nancy Grace Show (who over dramatizes reporting)...
need to just SHUT UP!!  Programs like these try to influence the outcome of court cases by trying them in the Court Of Public Opinion.  Your all big mouths, shut up!  Who made you all God?  Who made you all  Judge and Jury?   All you do is create hate and discontent at the expense of others to boost your ratings.  All you all do is get paid.  If you really felt so strongly about this case then where were you today?  Oh yea, was that you I saw sitting at the prosecutors table?  Hmm, perhaps not!

You and those who support your programs act like a bunch of little kids.  You all are so madd because you didn't get you way.  The verdict did not go your way, get over it!  So what do you do?  You talk about Attorney Jose' Baez Defense Team celebrating in a Bar, are you kidding me?  What does that have to do with anything?

If the Verdict would have gone the other way, you all would have been celebrating too.
Now, you all negatively spin the celebrating of a job well done by Mr. Baez and Team.  Again, you found a way to create hate and discontent for your listeners.  This will surly boost your ratings!  How brilliant, but what a Joke!

Don't blame the Jury, Blame Asst. Attorney General Jeff Ashton.  He reached into the bag and pulled out the wrong painted picture of the crime, and got off message.  He blew the case with his smirking and laughing and got called on the carpet for it.   I am sure that the Jury did not appreciate his behavior, especially when the state was seeking the Death Penalty.  He gave the perception as if he were laughing.  Above all that, he failed to produce sufficient evidence or the lack thereof and never showed the Jury how Caylee died!  Well, he ain't smirking now!
Trying cases based on human emotions rather than facts does not always work.  In this case Justice prevailed and the red-herring failed.  The system is designed to produce this type of outcome due to a lack evidence.  A case of this magnitude should not be left up to a gamble.  A possible murder was committed.  The system worked and the Jury did an outstanding job!.

Now Mr. Ashton is retiring.  Let's all watch to see what kind of book deal he gets, just like Marsha Clark.  You can't profit from this case while still working for the AG's Office, now can you?

Nancy I must say, I really think you do care about Caylee, we all do, but sometimes you go way to far, in fact, overboard.  Chill out girl!  And please stop calling Casey "Tot Mom," they both have names.  Caylee's precious body was found in a such horrific manner that I hate to hear about.  She deserves better than to hear you refer to her as a Tot!  HER NAME IS CAYLEE, GET IT! show some respect!!

CAUTION: Be careful with your reporting and who you let rant and rave about this case on TV. You all are going to get someone killed someday, because this type of reporting stir's up hate.  Listen to you all.  'Remember the cross h...." talk.  JUST SHUT UP!T 

I guess the media will following her around until she makes a mistake.  She'll be tried on some non-related charge, get convicted and sent to prison.  Sound familiar, just like OJ.  Remember, you heard it from me first!  By the way, Casey was found guilty and spent 2 to 3 years in jail.

A Prayer for Caylee:

Lord, we Love Caylee, one of your children and We will never for get her!  Thank you for sharing her life with us.  Father, I believe that you took her to Heaven long before any pain or suffering occurred.  God we pray for the Anthony family and our heart felt condolences go out to them.  May you forgive us all for judging this family and we ask that you comfort them throughout this difficult time.  We ask for  these things in the name of your precious Son Jesus, Amen   Shamel

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