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Monday, March 11, 2013

Not Just an Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day just like all the rest of my days except I found myself cleaning my home ever more so than before and the funny thing about it is that I didn't know why!  I guess I was in that kind of mood and by it being Sunday, I had been playing gospel music all day long and then... read more

I realized there was a presence in the room with me as I was not alone.  My ordinary day turned out to be a day filled God's holy spirit and right away I could visualize His wonderful and powerful words running through, in and out and across my mind.  Today I felt as though I was in the presence of Gods' wonderful glory and grace!  It was like I had awaken, and right then I heard someone call my name.  I quickly turned down the stereo and began to look all around the room and then I searched the other rooms.  I did not see anybody but I felt Gods' presence and soon came to realize that the voice I heard was that of my Personal Savior (Jesus) calling me by name.  I thought to myself how blessed I am I among all men that God chose me to sing praises unto His holy name.  This has been an all time prayer of mine every since I was a child and God answered it.

Henceforth, God has been opening doors, windows and moving mountains, clearing the way for my new hit single entitled "Who Is It."  I have been working very hard to get radio play for the song but for now the worldly powers to be are not letting working with me.  But I am still moving forward by faith because I am standing in the need of Prayer and in doing so I remain faithful and fighting temptation along the way.  I know with God on my side all things are possible so remember my name, "Shamel."

My up and coming CD is entitled "No Turning Back."  I am so grateful for the things that God has done for me and even more thankful for what He is going to do.  To honor God and to show Him that I am worthy of His goodness, His mercy and tender loving kindness towards me, I vowed to spread His gospel via song throughout the entire world winning souls for the kingdom of God.  Keep me in your prayers and pray that this music ministry grows.  May God work through the millions who desire to help me spread the word of God.  God bless, Shamel.

What a great song and testimony for those who may be experiencing the same problem I experienced.  This is one song you must hear!

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