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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's Hot

Linda D thats who!  Linda D was in Studio October 7 through the 16th. She is the first signed Artist at SHAMEL RECORDS...  She blew us away with her powerful vocals and soulful sound, said Top Record Executives.  The project entitled, "God Will" is underway and great emphasis have been placed on moving ahead to market the project.

She is truly a great talent and we plan to take the industry by storm with Miss D.  Bar none, she is simply the best!!  We rank her at the top with all other well known female artist and I am willing to go out on a limb and state that "Linda D she is far better than most of the top female artist who are selling units and have made it on BB Top Ten, today.

The Plan is to build up her fan base and to this we will use innovative marketing schemes and simply put, get her heard to allow her powerful voice and soulful overtones to do the rest, the people will fan up after this, I am sure of it.  We all love to hear good music and singing and she has the complete package.  You don't want to miss hearing Linda D.  Hear her at

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