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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

This is just a simple song, so I 'm not going to keep you long, hoping we may find out now if our faith is strong in Christ Jesus, yes,  the Living Water is He.  I am living in God's favor for this is true and as far as His blessings, yes, count them in too.  Do you slip and fall like I do?  Well getting back up is the thing to do for there is only one who is righteous and He is not of this world but He created the Heavens and the Earth.

My Father's sprit is so HOLY the flesh cannot bare His presence, the eyes cannot look upon Him, the ears that hear causes men to tremble and stand as dead men.  He sent his Son Jesus, some call the Son of Man, I love to call Him Savior because He died for you and me, a living sacrifice that is why He came so the world through Him may be saved.

His life was a ransom paid for our sins and at the end of the age He will return again.  If you haven't you heard then let it be known that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and coming again, coming again, coming again, do you believe, is your faith strong?

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