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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Life, My Choice

My life my choice, is the difference between here and anywhere!  Realizing that dreams do come true goes without saying.  Someone forgot to tell me about the hard work it takes to bring it all around full circle into existence.  Hard work = time and money. Entrepreneurship is the way to go if you like working for yourself, at least it is for me.

Now,  if you have the money to pay for other services to further your cause, pay it!  It will save you precious time later on down the road plus it will free you up to focus on more important business.

When I created Shamel Records... I did so with one thing in mind, produce good music and pay each artist handsomely for their long hours, dedication to the craft, road work applied, their sweat, tears and time.

I am self made and self promoted through Christ our Lord.  God bless and thanks for dropping in.


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